Hi, I'm Femy

I'm a WordPress developer & code wrangler;
Soaking up the Silicon Valley vibes while nurturing my Indian roots

I partner with your web designer to turn your designs into a delightful web experience.

I’ll handle your website’s development and launch so you can focus on your business goals and do the work you’re meant to do.

Send an email to find out how I can help you and your team with upcoming projects.

Work With Femy
Femy Praseeth

Why me?

I have over 5 years of experience coding websites and I’m well versed with the WordPress core.

I build Responsive WordPress websites and Custom Themes (Front end development) with HTML5, CSS, Sass and JS.

I code with a focus on page speed and performance and take the time to sprinkle in on-page SEO and follow accessibility guidelines.

I ensure that the website mirrors your design, doesn’t cut corners and holds onto the details of your designs.

My journey to being a WordPress developer

I build my first website in 1998 before the Internet was popular, with Frontpage & ASP and hosted it on Geocities! In 2007, I taught myself HTML & CSS and started working as a front-end developer for agencies across CA.

In 2015, while working at a startup, I set up my first WordPress blog for them and began my WordPress journey. Now I work exclusively with WordPress and help agencies, design studios and teams with custom WordPress solutions.

Giving Back

Giving back . . .

With every WordPress website build, you’re giving the gift of sight to ONE person. I make a donation to The Himalayan Cataract Project – a non profit working to eradicate blindness in the developing world.
Because I believe everyone needs a chance to see the beauty around us. Together, let’s change lives.

Endorsed by these folks ...

Femy’s a great front-end developer with excellent capabilities in XHTML/CSS/Javascript. She’s especially skilled with skinning ASP.Net websites–working in Visual Studio with .Net’s built-in controls and Telerik’s Rad Control package.

Arthur Wait VP, Engineering, Solutionset