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How To Wrap Text Around Custom Shapes Using CSS

Web pages have always been about rectangular content blocks stacked one next to the other. Web designers are often frustrated when their out-of-the-box creative layouts get slashed by web developers, often citing complexity and cross-browser support. With the introduction of CSS shapes, things have changed for the better. It has become easier than ever to […]

How To Feature Your Recent WordPress Posts On Home Page

With content marketing being all the rage, you are writing blog posts consistently. It’s a great user experience to display your most recent posts, right on the homepage. Your audience will find your latest posts easily. Your home page will have a refreshed look every time new posts are put out. Here are two examples […]

A touch-friendly and responsive navigation menu

The startup client I was working for-Upgrademe, was launching a new web app for their educational online resource. I was specifically working on the front-end development of the web app. Setting up the secondary navigation menu for the web app posed some challenges for the development team. Since the majority of their audience was school/college […]

Client Love

Femy is an absolute joy to work with. She’s very knowledgeable as a front end developer and takes the time to make sure things are right the first time. Her work is very clean and professional and her attitude is great…all the time! She’ll take the time to help you even if she is already booked. Femy is a great asset to SolutionSet.

Jaime Lutz Project Manager, SolutionSet