How to create a car shape using CSS

One winter morning with nothing much to do, I started playing around with css. And ended up building a car shape using only CSS. No images were harmed in the making:-)

Here is what the car looks like

See the Pen css car by Femy Praseeth (@femkreations) on CodePen.


  • Create four div tags.
  • Set the position relative for the divs.
  • Using top and left, position the divs as needed.
  • Add background color, rounded corners to shape up the divs.

Enjoy the car ride. Let me know what you think.

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Femy’s a great front-end developer with excellent capabilities in XHTML/CSS/Javascript. She’s especially skilled with skinning ASP.Net websites–working in Visual Studio with .Net’s built-in controls and Telerik’s Rad Control package.

Arthur Wait VP, Engineering, Solutionset