How to create a shadow box effect using css

By using negative z-index, pseudo elements and borders of very similar shades of a color, here is a simple and easy way to add a shadow box effect to your web page, with no images.

See the Pen shadow box effect by Femy Praseeth (@femkreations) on CodePen.

Here is the HTML/ CSS Code snippet

z-index: -1;
border-top:1px solid rgb(32,27,27);
border-left:1px solid rgb(32,27,27);
border-bottom:1px solid rgb(82,71,81);
border-right:1px solid rgb(82,71,81);

I’d love to know to hear from you: Did you find this trick interesting? Would you like to learn more tricks like this using CSS?
Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for geeking out with me,

Signed By Femy Praseeth

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