WordPress made easy for you

I work with web designers and teams, to build custom WordPress themes & websites. I handle the WordPress web development so you can better serve your clients.

WordPress Web Development Packages

Custom Theme DevelopmentCustom Themes

You get a custom theme, perfectly tailored to your designs, to use on your client’s website.

Perfect for:

  • Web designers who wanna save the head ache of building a custom theme but can handle the full WordPress site setup.
  • In-house teams at design studios, businesses and startups, with a back-end coder.
  • Developers who wanna fast track their backlog of projects & offload the toughest part of Website Development.

What Custom Theme includes

  • All custom themes are built out from scratch using Underscore starter theme.
  • Using the latest coding standards, the theme is tailored to your designs keeping the code lean and efficient.
  • Using best practices, the theme is optimized for page speed and fast loading for a delightful web experience.
  • The theme adapts well for optimal viewing on all screen sizes and devices—IOS, Android such as mobile or tablet. Mobile-friendly menus and rearranging content blocks makes your theme work great on all devices.
  • The theme is tested in all modern browsers – the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE. Older browsers get an appropriate experience.
  • Whenever possible, I use SVG, icon fonts and/or fonts instead of images. Resulting in fast loading speed, crisp and clean graphics and easy to update by your client.

WordPress Website DevelopmentWordPress WebSites

You get a beautiful and functional website – with a custom theme based on your designs and the WordPress admin area loaded with features.

Perfect for:

  • Web designers who want a partner from start to finish of the WordPress Web Development project so they can focus on their passion.
  • Web designers who don’t want to tackle the pesky code problems and tech headaches during the site launch.
  • Web designers who dont want to mindlessly google for code snippets and tutorials.

What WordPress Website includes

  • Everything in the Custom Theme Development PLUS:
  • An intuitive and easy to update WordPress admin area.
  • Custom page templates so the client has different ways to present content. They get to create and maintain even complex landing pages easily.
  • Use of Advanced Custom Fields plugin to enhance the WordPress capabilities to create fully customizable pages such as testimonials, projects, reviews etc.
  • Install and configure plugins for Google Analytics, SEO, opt-in, security, backups, social media integration, based on the client requirements.
  • Setup widgets in the admin panel based on the design you provide.
  • WordPress installation on the client server.

When I WordPress, I make your designs beautiful, inside & out…

Fast websites

Fast websites improve the general user experience, search engine rankings and your client’s online revenue. I use the best coding practices that impact the website speed.

Responsive development

Because mobile friendly websites are not an option any more. I ensure the website looks great on all devices and the site elements adjust well for mobile and tablet devices.

Custom code

You get a website that’s easy to maintain and cost effective in the long run than standard themes. Code that’s unique to your design means no cookie cutter templates and no bloated pages.

Latest technology

With my 5+ years of coding websites (HTML5, CSS, Sass, and jQuery), you get a website that can stand the test of time and doesn’t break when its time to update the WordPress core or plugins.