EFI (Electronics for Imaging, Inc.)

EFI is a market leader in printing technology, provides products, services, and support to handle all businesses' printing needs.

EFI (Electronics for Imaging, Inc.)

Theme Development (Sitecore CMS)

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What I did:

jQuery sliders on home page
Dropdown navigation
jQuery tabs, accordion
Coding Profile, Account, Contact Form pages
Calendar customization 
Form validation
Search and Search Results page
Worked on Dealer Portal, Sales Portal and Fiery Product sites
Theme development for Sitecore CMS

Who I teamed with: Solutionset (agency)

A closer look

efi-dp-1 efi-dp-2 efi-dp-3 efi-dp-4 efi-dp-5 efi-dp-6 efi-dp-7 efi-dp-8 efi-dp-9

Endorsed by these folks ...

It was always great to work with Femy on the projects I managed. She was always personable, smiling, and friendly – bright and early every morning! She clearly cares about the quality of her work and the code she writes, as she would seek feedback and review, when possible. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend her.

Brian Wilson Senior Web Developer, Solutionset