How I helped:

  • Worked on the Community Portal, Sales Portal, GlobalExchange microsite, and “Take 4 Business Talk” series microsite.
  • Custom theme development for Ektron enterprise-level CMS.
  • Hand-coded the theme using HTML, CSS.
  • Created multiple column layouts using plain HTML and CSS.
  • Tested the theme to make sure they work well across devices and browsers.
  • Created the dropdown navigation and tested fully across browsers and devices.
  • Created jQuery sliders for the home page.
  • Embedded the product commercial videos that played on click with page overlay.
  • Created a custom contact form and added in form validations.
  • Created Events, News, and Press Releases main pages and details pages.
  • Created Product Documents updates table with sort and pagination.
  • Created jQuery accordion to display the Interview Q and A details.

Credits: Solutionset (agency)

ge-gex-1 ge-main-1 ge-main-2 ge-main-5 ge-portal-1 ge-portal-2 ge-portal-5 ge-sales-1 ge-take4-2

Femy is an absolute joy to work with. She’s very knowledgeable as a front end developer and takes the time to make sure things are right the first time. Her work is very clean and professional and her attitude is great…all the time! She’ll take the time to help you even if she is already booked. Femy is a great asset to SolutionSet.

Jaime Lutz , Project Manager, SolutionSet