How I helped:

  • Custom theme development for Sitefinity enterprise-level CMS.
  • Hand-coded the theme using HTML, CSS.
  • Created multiple column layouts using plain HTML and CSS.
  • Tested the theme to make sure they work well across devices and browsers.
  • Created the dropdown navigation and tested fully across browsers and devices.
  • Created jQuery sliders for the home page.
  • Created jQuery tabs in the home page to display information.
  • Created jQuery accordion to display News and Events in the home page.
  • Created jQuery tabs to display the product spec and feature details.
  • Created Product spec pages, News and Events main pages, and details pages.

Credits: Solutionset (agency)

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Femy worked with us on a very demanding project with multiple moving parts that required extreme attention to detail and extending beyond a normal workday. Femy provided wonderful assistance to our team with her valued expertise and professionalism. We were very fortunate to have her during that stretch and are so pleased she’s back with us again.

Jennifer McClenon , Marketing and Advertising Professional, 3Marketeers